Hi there! Welcome to my personal website where I try to incorporate my overall web footprint, from contacts and info, profession and career, to hobby, interests and all the other material I have made publicly available on the internet. If you are a family, friend, colleague, or just a regular person who got interested in my stuff, visit this site from time to time to get some updates.

About Me

If you are looking for a general info about who I am and what I do, visit this section where you can find short summary about my personal and professional life, as well as links to my LinkedIn and VisualCV profiles.

What's new

If you already know me, and want to get an update about what's new, visit this section where you can find updates pulled from my other accounts.


If you got this link from some post of mine commenting, or publishing some code, then most probably this is the section you are looking for.

Hobby & Fun

If you get tired from the technical stuff, and want to see where have I been lately, which youtube video I liked, etc., this is the right section for you.