About Me

So, who am I? My name is Pece Milosev, an ordinary person who was born on October 27, 1983 in Bitola, Republic of Macedonia. Raised in a mid-sized town in the heart of the country - Kavadarci, famous by its vineyards, I had a lovely childhood enjoying the mixture of its urbanism and the surrounding nature. Although it is still my hometown on paper, today I live and work in Skopje, where I also have received my bachelor degree and met my lovely fiancée wife.

What about my profession? I currently work as a software engineer in one of the top IT companies in the region - Netcetera, part of the leading Swiss IT brand, the Netcetera Group. I joined the company in January 2008, just slightly before the first iPhone beta SDK was released, since when I moved to the field of mobile applications. I quite enjoy the job, as I was always interested in optimization, algorithms and lower level of programming and debugging in oppose of configuring complex frameworks which internals no one really understands :). This interests of mine also broth me my previous job at Mak-System, where I was working on a utility for DB migration.

... and education ? In 2007 I received my bachelor degree in Informatics - System Engineering at the Institute of Informatics, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, "Ss Cyril and Methodious" University in Skopje, where currently I take master studies in the field of artificial intelligence.

Is the profession only about employment history and education? Of corse not; Please visit my portfolio section, where you can find more details about my pet projects, papers, blog posts and other technical stuff I have worked on.

Am I a nerd ? Although I avidly pursues intellectual activities, technical and scientific endeavors as well as esoteric knowledge, I still engage social and conventional activities :). I like hiking, picnics or walks in the park, enjoy exploring my spirituality and tend to bring balance between the personal and professional me. Check out the hobby & fun section for some more info on my non-professional activities.