Any support is kindly accepted! Bellow you can find links to some of my pet projects, university thesis and papers, as well as some other stuff related to my profession. As most of this is done in my free time I would really appreciate your support. For more info on how you can get involved into some project, please read the appropriate details page. Your support can always be expressed in a form of a comment, idea or €1 000 000 on my bank account :)


Initially developed for the second Android Development Challenge, this project is now available for free in the Android Market. Due to the lack of time, the project at this moment is on hold, while still planned to be restarted and possibly monetized one day.


Portable, small and fast AI planning library, which will include the most common search and planning algorithms. The project is currently in its preparation phase and would be mainly developed for the needs of my master's thesis. 


Sound processing and recognition tool developed for the needs of my bachelor degree thesis. After a long period of hiding into the backups, the source is now finally publicly available. Hopefully someone will get interested into moving the project from it's alpha phase.  


All the papers, blog posts, open-source contributions and other stuff that is worth mentioning and is not part of the previous projects can be found under the link below.