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Short info; The application was developed by me and Nikolche Mihajlovski as a joint effort to attend the second Android Developer Challenge. It is a question/answer social network incorporating some common mobile features like location awareness and photo sharing. We managed to enter the finals but unfortunately didn't get any money :) The application is available now for free at the Android Market under the name "A-GLOBAL-MIND (M)" but hasn't received any update for quite a long time.

How can you help; Due to the lack of time the application is no longer maintained. Although it had a good potential at the beginning, we didn't succeeded to get the community to the level where no support from our side would be required. This would have been easier if we showed the complete communication happening directly to the users and didn't require google e-mail address to activate the account. Now I am looking for someone interested to do this stuff. I also have ideas for monetizing our work by advertisements or donations but this can only be done after people get interested in it ;)